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Developed this program from a web software company in Russia the official website of the system allowing you to create activities and programs and posted on the Internet, and allows you to program the application of simulation and computer-based training and interactive e-learning content according to standard Scorm.

CourseLab is Strong and easy to use for the creation of interactive educational materials (e-learning courses) and make them available for use on the Internet, the system of distance learning, or through CD-ROMs or other means of media.


Main features

  • The creation and editing of training materials (what you see is what you get).
  • Published in the learning management system, which supports the standard 2004 SCORM.
  • Does not require the user to know html language or any other programming language.
  • The ability to build a test within the model (integrated design environment exams).
  • The presence of characters - easy to build educational materials without any complexity.
  • The presence of an open interface for facilitating the use of the library objects.
  • Possibility of adding the media: Macromedia Flash, Java, video in various formats, and so on.
  • Offers the possibility of importing Power Point in educational materials.
  • Can be through which the production of an interactive animation based on Animation directly.
  • Built a simple way to describe the work.
  • Experience in a simple JavaScript to provide you the features of the seriousness of the organisms and the construction and operation of new posts of your own.
  • Contains a set of ready-made templates for direct use and the ability to reuse an object has been included in one of the models.
  • Has a strong and sophisticated tool in the creation of a scenario.
  • Dependent upon any decision to use a variety of purposes.

Support of Forms

Support of Forms (the program supports the following of):

  1. Text

    - Editing text in the RichText

    - Direct editing of HTML-code

    - Ability to insert a JavaScript-code

  2. Images

    - Including Animated GIF

    - JPG

    - PNG

    - BMP

  3. Vedio :

    - AVI

    - (Windows Media Video)

    - MPEG

    - QuickTime Movie

    - Real Media

    - Macromedia Flash Video

  4. Sound :

    - AIFF

    - Windows Media Audio

    - MP3

    - WAV

    - Macromedia Flash

  5. Rich Media applications :

    - Macromedia Flash

    - Macromedia Shockwave

    - Java-applets

  6. Attached external documents

    - Texts file (TXT)

    - HTML file

    - Rich Text Format (RTF)

    - Microsoft Word (DOC)

    - Microsoft Excel (XLS)

    - Adobe PDF

    - ZIP

    - RAR

    Applications Courselab

    The main purpose of CourseLab - manufacture of electronic training courses, but the list of possible applications is much broader.

    Using the editor CourseLab you can do :

    1. Tests to assess candidates for the position.
    2. Orientation and induction materials for new or transferred to the new staff members.
    3. Role-playing to build skills or sales skills.
    4. Online directories of products and services.
    5. Demonstrations of products, including simulation software.
    6. Guides on procedures, documentation procedures.
    7. Certification tests and exams.
    8. Interviews with staff and clients.
    9. Online courses.

    Rapid development:

    When you create CourseLab, we paid particular attention to reducing the time of the e-learning courses.

    The following features CourseLab to serve this purpose:

    1. A set of default templates, modules

      To create a training module is not necessary to build a template - just choose the design template from a set of default templates. If necessary, the template can be modified directly in the editor CourseLab for a match selected by style. Modified in this way a template can be saved and used later in the creation of new modules.

    2. Library of ready sites

      To speed up the creation of educational materials in the editor CourseLab built a large number of ready to use complex objects that perform different functions - from different ways of displaying text to the complexity of testing - and do not require that any programming. Simply select the desired appearance of the facility in accordance with the design of the module and fill in its parameters. CourseLab working with objects, through an open object interface, which greatly facilitates the further replenishment of the library facilities.

    3. The possibility of repeated use of

      In the event that the same object should appear in many places, a training module, CourseLab makes it possible to use once inserted object repeatedly, including switching to run special action.

    4. Import presentations from Microsoft Power Point

      If you already have finished a presentation in the PowerPoint, they can easily be imported into a module. If necessary, you can correct the imported material is already in the editor CourseLab.

    5. Global installing fonts

      Once setting in the settings module settings default font, you will avoid the need to change them when you create new text objects. Each new text object will automatically set the parameters (although they cannot change is still).

    6. The publication of the training courses

      You just need to specify the parameters of the course and its training modules and select the type of publication - all the rest (including the generation of meta-file for later import into SDO) CourseLab automatically.

    Construction of questions and tests:

    CourseLab enables easy and rapid insertion into the training modules as separate issues, as well as tests, consisting of a multitude of issues - you'll need only fill in the parameters.


    Built-in objects CourseLab-questions and object "test" supports the following types of questions:

    • Only one choice - a choice of one option from a set of values (including).
    • Multiple choices - a choice of several versions of a set of values.
    • Ordering - the location of the options in the correct order.
    • Numeric input of one or more values.
    • Pair line - selection of the correct pairs of options.

    (Version 2.5) allows you to use a random sample of questions from the list.

    In addition to ready sites to quickly build test, CourseLab makes it possible to build almost any exercise or test using fields, form elements, zones clicking a mouse, dragging objects, etc., using the "Assessment" for the successful or unsuccessful completion of the exercises.

    Support standards:

    Support training courses on the Internet, and this depends on the manner of publication in the field of e-learning:

    • Published in the learning management system, which supports the AICC standard.
    • Published in the learning management system, which supports the SCORM 1.2 standard.
    • Published in the learning management system, which supports the SCORM 2004 standard.

    Compatibility with the learning management system:

    Consistent with a lot of learning management systems like moodle.

    The services we provide:

    1. Training:

      We are trained to use the system of two levels according to the course ABBE (beginner - advanced), according to a training plan from the company origin (WebSoft).

    2. Full Arabic version which contains the following additional features:

      • Translation of all the screens and lists the names of the elements are fully.
      • Alignment of the right to the left of the elements and organisms within the system.
      • The Islamic shape for persons in the scenario.
      • Support for Arabic symbols.
    3. Full Technical Support.

    4. The sale of the commercial version and support Courselab 2.6.