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Smartway's lecture on e-learning using open source applications




(Modular Object Oriented Dynamic learning Environment )

Moodle is a Software package for producing Internet-based courses and web sites. It is a global development project designed to support a social constructionist framework of education. Was developed by Martin Dougiamas.

What are the specifications?

  • Open source.
  • Free available.
  • CMS.
  • LMS.
  • Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  • An adjustable environment for e learning communities.
  • Software packaging design using pedagogical principles.

Who uses Moodle?


Moodle is used by a variety of institutions and individuals, including:

  • Universities.
  • High schools.
  • Primary schools.
  • Government departments.
  • Healthcare organizations.
  • Military organizations.
  • Airlines.
  • Oil companies.
  • Homeschoolers.
  • Independent educators.

What can do with Moodle?

Deliver learning activity:

Assessment (Quizzes, Tests, assignments, Peer review)

Publishing of the resources:

Deploy & create resources (Electronic files, Web links Audio, video, images, IMS content packages, SCORM packages).

Communications and collaborations :

Discussions, Chat, Messaging, wiki, blog, mail, repository.

Administration :

Site administration

  1. Manage files.
  2. Categories, Courses, Blocks, Modules, Themes, Reporting, Statistics.

Users Administration :

  1. Group learners.
  2. User management (upload, add, edit).
  3. Authentication (wide range of options, single sign on).

Moodle compatibility with deferent standards

  1. SCORM
  2. IMS Common Cartridge CC
  3. LAMS
  4. Second Life
  5. OpenID , LDAP
  6. Mahara
  7. Dspace , Alfresco
  8. Exe learning , Courselab , hotpotatos
  9. Joomla!
  10. Google Apps

Why we using Moodle?

  • Combines the power of e-learning management systems (LMS) and the strength of programs that assist in building electronic courses according to the latest international standards (SCORM Standard).
  • Moodle is developed by huge number of programmers and developers around the world over ten years. So it becomes more precise, effective product around the world.
  • It is open source that gives the user the full allocation of facades according to the rules and linking with other systems as needed.
  • It works with Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, Netware and any other system that supports PHP, and support to many type of database Mysql , MS SQL server , Oracle , Sybase , postage ..
  • It can share it with other applications.
  • Easy upgrade.
  • Moodle supports more the 75 language so that full Arabic language support.

Who is using Moodle?



Saudi Moodle Site (

Our Vision:

To keep pace with the tremendous progress in the field of systems and web applications, we strive to be a contributor to this development by supporting a set of regulations in e-learning aimed at spreading the culture of the Arab community education and building a generation contributes to the progress and development of this nation through the use of modern technology, where the student decision-maker now is the future, and your cooperation with us we will all achieve this goal and raise the scientific and technical level.


Institute Smartway establishment of a Saudi Moodle which is the first of its kind in support of e-learning in the Arab world. This site is available free for all, with the aim of spreading the culture of e-learning and the exchange of experiences and support system Moodle Arab and other regulations related to e-learning.


To all researchers, trainees and students to benefit from all services as soon as the registration only in this site (

The web sites of Saudi Moodle the following services:

  • Explanation of the Arabic language Moodle system in detail and pictures of all levels (manager, teacher, student, junior).
  • Features and concepts of e-learning and standards are published for the first time in Arabic.
  • Moodle forum contains articles and research, exchange of expertise and technical support for system Moodle and respect of other programs related to the development of content.
  • Present Saudi Moodle Virtual ideal environment for researchers and students to use the system with the possibility of Moodle s Download and operation of all the privacy and safety.
  • Provide free technical support by answering all the questions posed and published in the Forum for the benefit of all.
  • Provide free advice and expertise of members through communication with the site.

Smartway professional services for moodle

Technical Support :

the Smartway provide technical support for the Moodle system covers the following:

  1. Follow-up of the system and Error handling resulting from the work on it.
  2. Take over the management of the system fully and to deal with all technical matters for the program.
  3. Provide technical support to users around 7/24.
  4. The solution of problems and to provide emergency standby alternative version immediately.
  5. Provide a special forum for technical support to the Moodle. contains more than 1000 posts and more than 1000 members.
  6. Provide an explanation of video files directly from the Internet to use the Moodle system for student or teacher, from through the technical support:
  7. E-ticketing to receive communications and resolved directly and the client can monitor the status of the ticket and the responses are processed to solve the problems and diagnose
  8. Immediate support through the chat service by technical support staff to schools at present (online helpdesk)

Training :

The preparation of cadres capable of dealing with the system, through the levels of training:

  1. Course Instructor: Training of teachers, Course designers and electronic tests.
  2. Administration Course: Training to manage the system.
  3. Student Course: The definition of users the benefits of the system and how to work it.

Bags through the training provided by the institution according to the three levels can be downloaded through the link

Customization :

the system contains a large number of features, which are commensurate with all the learning environments we are in collaboration with the education we are:

  1. Identify the needs of each hand, and the allocation for the system in line with the requirements.
  2. Customize themes: Development Designs and interfaces specific to each Hand.
  3. Make the Moodle system is Ideal system according to the needs of the customer.
  4. Add Umm al-Qura calendar of educational perspectives that adopt this calendar.
  5. Development of new types of questions related to pictures and others.
  6. Any Block can be developed and linked with Moodle to be the application of e-learning system in its optimal and cover all requirements.
  7. Moodle makes a basic rule to build all you’re educational.

Integration with another systems :

We offer the service to link the system with various other systems:

  1. Databases of foreign students in order to consolidate access by users of the system (such as the acceptance and registration systems).
  2. Linking with the administrative and financial systems (ERP).
  3. Link with external knowledge portals.
  4. Linking with the virtual classroom systems (virtual class room) and content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla and the forums as well as by linking it with the active directory (LADP) the gates and the creation of educational (gate learning).


The System needs to work environment and to host the servers with high specifications and we are from the reality of our experience in dealing with the offer:

  1. Hosting with high reliability that serve large numbers of users with the potential expansion.
  2. Backup for the data.
  3. Protection Services FTP access.
  4. Linked system antivirus program and full protection from hackers and penetration.
  5. Local hosting service.

Professional applications:

Institution Smartway unique to provide specific solutions and professional Moodle allocated to coincide with the requirements of the Arab education through the following applications:

  1. Umm al-Qura Calendar.
  2. Integration (MAREEF) system.
  3. Integration (ESHRAF) system.
  4. Application of the concept of the central and content management system for the application of the central Moodle, More than an educational institution affiliated with the same destination and adopts the same courses as is the case in the Ministry of Education.

What is centralized management and centralized content in moodle?


The base on which Learning Management Systems are built on is THE CONTENT. It is too expensive to produce a valuable content, and the most important thing is to share this content with your users efficiently.

For example: Case of having several training center branches managed by a central management department like "NA" has several courses managed by it and also the managed school has its own courses in addition to the ministry courses.

The NA IT department manages the content of the NS shared courses like Events, Lessons, Quizzes, and Scorms………

Any Updates to these courses will be automatically replicated to the all moodle that take use of the NA And the students of these distributed moodle can participate in local and remote courses in this distributed moodle, even the course managers on this distributed moodle can add local activities to the remote courses in this moodle which will not be displayed in the central moodle.

Having such this module will enable moodle owner to have centralized courses managed by a central moodle and other sub moodle which have courses from the central moodle in addition to its own local courses which are not controlled by the central moodle.


  • This Module will save Time needed to reconstruct the central courses in each new Moodle (training center branch ) and will save the time needed to update it.
  • This Module will enable to construct a central place to exchange skills and courses between this schools which is related to a central department.
  • Teachers, Course Creators and Administrators in the local Moodle can add local activities like scorms, quizzes, etc on the remote courses which are managed by the central IT department Team, and this activities will not be displayed to the other sub moodle or to the central moodle.
  • ''

  • Step1: Entering TC (training center) general information like sub-domain name, admin username, admin password, Moodle short name, Moodle full name, administrator email, and Moodle description.
  • Step2: Selecting the required remote courses needed to shared with it as complete course structure .
  • Step3: Selecting the Moodle theme and banners.
  • Step4: Selecting the friend Moodle for current created Moodle for the MNET Network.
  • Step5: Selecting the extra blocks you want to include in the sub-moodle.

This vision provides the following services:

  1. Standardization of data and distributed courses to all schools.
  2. Any modify or future development of this curriculum will be automatically published to all schools without the need to return to the each school.
  3. The possibility of the existence of the privacy of each school on how to take advantage of the approved courses of the school can also add a range of activities for the remainder of the portal, or their own distinct activities can be downloaded on the main gate in order to benefit from all the schools.
  4. When you create a sub-area for each school and it will automatically be activated courses has been updated with the latest addition to schedules for the school and the Standard adopted.
  5. There is not limited number of schools that could benefit from this system and thus the increase of the number of participating schools would not increase the costs and burdens.
  6. Have the possibility of each teacher in any school to add forums its own courses under consideration by the addition of rooms and a special chapter or the curriculum or grade under consideration by this course, as well as to take advantage of the possibility of a periodic tests and questions for students or the means of clarification and education in support of curriculum-based (Local activity & remote activity).
  7. The possible participation of all students within the system through the electronic gate, which he taught the student, allowing him to communicate with teachers and students and interaction with all the available methods so that equal opportunities for all to demonstrate the excellence of each individual student.
  8. The possibility of establishing a standardized test can be circulated to all schools and students can submit to such tests in the same article or at the level of the whole school.
  9. Through this vision provide the link with all the schools and give it uniformity in e-curriculum as well to leave this possibility for each and every article, but the records of both the development of the special touches added in the educational process to capturing control of this process does not limit the constructive efforts aimed at individual development very valuable and we have the highest benefit from the application of electronic portal into the hands of our students with the aim of advancing the development of our Kingdom and the production of precious generations have the knowledge of modern and latest techniques.