University of Tabuk

Tabuk University is one of the biggest universities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with around 40.000 students. Its academic programs are organized into 12 faculties with 25 specialties.Tabuk University has an ERP system which hasn’t any Business Process Management automation functionality; this ERP system is just a repository for all information’s nothing more, which means all Business Processes are paper based, there are no way to trace or save the process itself in a system.

Advanced LMS

The Advanced LMS was designed to ease the learning process and meet client’s need. It is a fully integrated learning environment based on active self-learning and collaboration, it is considered as Knowledge gate for the schools to be applied and reflected on the actual life. So we can say it is a Saudi local e-learning Model that is equivalent to international systems in quality and education standards.

CTS for Hospital

The Hospital Engineering Department needs a system where users or guest can make a request using forms with predefined fields using specific Meta data with ability to add wide verities of attachment’s format. The client was facing a challenge in time consumption to make the process in traditional way (paper trail system) as there are different types of requests from huge number of user on the premise. So the Client needed a system where he can automate all stages of requests and process in smooth way.

e-Training SYS

The e-training system was developed to provide to a client rich educational resources environment as well as LMS system, as client needed a an academic and education system that allows trainee to be registered and enrolled in training courses To develop their skills and gain new experiences in their field of expertise And evaluate their progress and interaction.



  • Moodle
  • GoogleApps
  • BigBlueButton
  • CourseLab
  • H5P