The Hospital Engineering Department needs a system where users or guest can make a request using forms with predefined fields using specific Meta data with ability to add wide verities of attachment’s format. The client was facing a challenge in time consumption to make the process in traditional way (paper trail system) as there are different types of requests from huge number of user on the premise. So the Client needed a system where he can automate all stages of requests and process in smooth way.


Various challenges were as following:

  • Data challenge:
    • ECM software that can handle large data
    • Workflow engine that can be customized to handle the request process
    • The system should be work too smoothly and too easy to use for end users while ECM is complex in general
    • Ability to directly online scanning
    • Online view of the content without the need to download it.
    • Support for search and indexing system.
  • Tracking & Monitoring:
    • High level of security (Enabling guests to access the system)
    • Allow guests to check their requests, edit/delete/update
    • Assign multi-tasks to the defined requests
    • Define tasks’ priority and due time
    • Archiving the request forms after they are achieved
    • Monitor and track all process of outer requests
  • Cost factor:
    • Our client didn’t want to spend millions of Riyals for ECM solution yet didn’t want to compromise on quality and performance
    • ROI was an important factor


We helped our client overcome all the challenges by:

  • Implement CMS (alfresco) in premise as open source to be customizable
  • Develop CTS to be accessible through portal that is user-friendly
  • Add Hijri calendar so it suitable for local market
  • Allow user to send message internally and track response
  • Hot notification through the system itself, email and SMS
  • Provide QR code for the correspondences
  • Full Arabic/English Support for the functions: printing, email of correspondence or assignments, template management
  • Customize the required workflow and relevant functions


  • Reduce time work by 75 %
  • More productivity and efficiency
  • Paperless through fully automated procedures
  • Reduce human mistakes by 99%



  • Moodle
  • GoogleApps
  • BigBlueButton
  • CourseLab
  • H5P