The e-training system was developed to provide to a client rich educational resources environment as well as LMS system, as client needed a an academic and education system that allows trainee to be registered and enrolled in training courses To develop their skills and gain new experiences in their field of expertise And evaluate their progress and interaction. In addition to Training facilities and trainers management the system works on the evaluating the performance of the trainees according to the client methodology through deferent exams to contribute to raising their qualifications and job promotions.


  • Providing LMS that’s part of e-training system.
  • Provide specific violations system according to the client's policies.
  • Provide a tool to issue attendance and passing certificate.
  • Develop a workflow particularly for field Research course to the client Methodology.
  • Set the administrative procedures in the process of forming courses and summarized as following:
    • Management of training courses and trainers who are able to fulfill it.
    • Management and detailed weekly schedules of opened courses.
    • Scheduling observers of the tests in the opened courses.
    • Scheduling sports stadiums on the opened courses.
    • Adjust calculation of hours of trainers in training courses and number of holidays given by number of the credited hours.


SmartWay Foundation relies on open source software which allows for constant development and spreading the culture of e-learning and training at the lowest cost, In light of this Moodle has been selected as learning management system (LMS), and developing for admission and registration system and Training facilities management.

As for the subject of scientific research, it has been developed through integration of LMS with CMS.


In addition to saving 70% of time and effort, and reduce costs 50%, many added values have been achieved, namely:

  • Flow of automatic scheduling of tests observers, training facilities and sports activities.
  • Adjust scheduling hours of trainees and their holidays.
  • Automating the issuance of certificates of attendance and passing.
  • Measure the performance of the trainees and trainers indications reports to develop training outputs.



  • Moodle
  • GoogleApps
  • BigBlueButton
  • CourseLab
  • H5P