It is talent meetings management system, provide all means of communication between the parties, so that works to build a socl network for media purposes (Awareness, culture, education ..) at the level of individual community, and training and organizational level of the business comunity, as well so it is a new style of real direct media where can receive information directly from the source.

  • Integrated social network in addition to deployment of advanced e-content
  • Posting of articles, blogs and forums and share them with friends
  • Collective conversation (written, audio-visual and special or opened for all attendees)
  • Desktop sharing
  • Share content and ease of navigate it
  • Unlimited number to upload files (pdf, Microsoft Office,jpg,bmp,gif..)
  • Survey / Vote
  • Whiteboard controls let you annotate and call out key parts of your presentation for viewers.
  • Record your lectures for later playback by students.
  • Control management tools
    • Hand raise
    • Webcam sharing
    • Audio sharing
    • Privileges control
    • Exclusion
  • Additional benefits to all members:
    • Folder to save own files
    • Blogs
    • Friend community
    • CV Creator
    • Personal page (Profile)

Why choose Smart Meeting?

Ease to use & administration

It has the most simple and attractive interface (User Friendly), in addition to smoothly administration. You need not more one step to set up a meeting and send invitations or communication society, in addition to easy access to events organized by Calendar.

Time and Cost Savings

No need now to book travel flights or meeting rooms and other details, it is through the "Smart Meeting", can get more productivity and speed in decision-making.

Best Collaboration

All attendees interact with each other synchronously as a team, which achieve more efficiency and engagement.

Multi Use

The System is characterized by high flexibility and offers several Layouts for many purposes (Video Chat, Meeting, Webinar, Lecture Assistance, Lecture)


Where the system has a high flexibility as it can access any function smoothly, as well as the panel provides Dashboard contains the most common tools.


The System is affordable, zero-hardware cost, and supports unlimited number of meetings’ scheduling, courses and unlimited open sessions’ recording without additional cost.

Who might benefit from Smart Meeting?


This system works as a tool to exchange the experiences between members of the same community and between communities, as well as the house of experience in educational consulting and as a center for training services and social.


“Smart Meeting” is media platform to exchange of different viewpoints, and provide all that is good and beneficial within the general framework the balances and combines entertainment and interest, and support social networking ,and raising the spirit of competition and creative thinking among young people in particular and the general segments of society in general.


It is a viable solution for managing corporate meetings (regular meetings, job interviews, marketing, consulting with clients, technical support)

It has one that allows you to set up instantly a conference in the Web. You can use your microphone or webcam, share documents on a white board, share your screen or record meetings.

Smart Meeting supports most of operating system such as Windows, Linux and Mac system.

Surely, it supports it and more than that MySQL , PostgreSQL , MSSQL and SQLite

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