Mahara is an open source e-Portfolio and social networking web application created by the government of New Zealand. It provides users with tools to create and maintain a digital portfolio of their learning, and social networking features to allow users to interact with each other.

Mahara is customizable and flexible. It is the perfect personal learning environment mixed with social networking, allowing you to collect, reflect on and share your achievements and development online in a space you control.

  • Mahara installation, configuration and implementation
  • Regular upgrades and security fixes
  • Customization (Themes, module development, plug in development ..)
  • Integration with wide range of virtual classroom and Moodle
  • Training as community and site administrator
  • Tech support 24/7 based on service level agreement (SLA)
  • Hosting support services
  • Dashboard
  • Profile Information
  • File Repository
  • Résumé Builder
  • Education and employment
  • Achievements
  • Goals & Skills
  • Journals / blogs
  • Security
Mahara is scalable , so it can server unlimited uses
Yes, basically Mahara has all tools to manage that such as Profile information , files repository , achievements , blogs, notes, hobbies , …ext
Mahara is fully integrated with moodle , so it help to create good professional training environment.

Other Services



  • Moodle
  • GoogleApps
  • BigBlueButton
  • CourseLab
  • H5P