Moodle is an open-source learning management system (LMS) used by schools, businesses, and governmental organizations to create effective e-learning programs.

About 75,000 organizations use Moodle in over 200 countries, supporting almost 60 million learners.  Moodle's large user community ( includes many developers contributing features that extend the program's usefulness.

  • Moodle installation, configuration and implementation
  • Regular upgrades and security fixes
  • Support for many popular 3rd party add-on features
  • Authentication support
  • Customization (Themes, module development, plug in development..)
  • Integration with wide range of virtual classroom and SIS/HR systems
  • Training as course creator (MCCC) and Administrator
  • Tech support 24/7 based on service level agreement (SLA)
  • Operation
  • Hosting support services

Expansion around the world

Registration Site

Registered sites 49,222
Countries 214
Courses 6,121,676
Users 57,135,980
Enrolments 122,564,748
Forum posts 113,246,554
Resources 56,546,966
Quiz questions 225,866,219

Top 10 countries registration wise

Country Registrations
United States 7,204
Spain 5,432
Brazil 3,324
United Kingdom 2,568
Mexico 1,977
Germany 1,611
Colombia 1,478
Italy 1,389
Australia 1,179

LMS market share trends

Moodle usage

Moodle Future

Yes it does , Moodle supports wide range of virtual classes such as such as Big Blue Button , WizIQ, Adobe Connect …..ext.
Well, Moodle supports international technology called “LTI”, so any system support LTI will work with Moodle smoothly, in addition to flexibility of customization.
Definitely it supports, Moodle has many tools for this purpose such as : Level Up , Badges, Run time exam, thankful letter ….ext.

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